Maintenance products

During our daily work in our workshop or by our customers, we use cleaning agents, lubricants and spare parts. The products we use are the ones we have considered the best for our purposes. Since we not always being able to get hold of these products through normal wholesalers, Caver purchases some items directly from the manufacturers in order to always have access to these products as we also carry out our work when normal wholesalers have closed.

We have focused on the following products

Lubricants from Hasco Oil and Motip – /
Industrial cleaner from Gipeco –
Absorbents from Oread –

We strive to gradually increase our range of maintenance products.

To see our current product range please visit our webshop at

For specific product needs, please contact us and we will do our best to find this product for you. We can also keep products in store for you with 24/7 delivery.

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