Currrent / upcoming projects

New projects

March 2019

Overhaul and upgrade of vertical bagger in our workshop for Norwegian customer in collaboration with Bosch. 

Modification and extension of order displays and height limiter for bakery in the Gothenburg area.


Finished projects

Dahls Bageri relocation to new production site

From September 2017 until Mars 2018

Relocation of two old bakeries to a new facility. Redesign of 3 packaging robots, design of new wagons for baking ovens. Modification of tray washing and packaging line. Relocation and rebuilding of storage silos.

Santa Maria Taco factory relocation and closing project

From January 2016 until August 2017

Production support, dismantling of equipment and shipping to different customers. 

Ahlgrens Gävle

From January 2014 until June 2014

Dismantling and shipping of objects from Leaf production unit in Gävle Sweden, sold on the Auction of Rabin Worldwide. 

AVT Gavia Food

November 2013

Assistance in setting up a corn chip line in India.

Leaf Leasing Oy Finland

2013 From January to June

Dismantling and shipping of objects from Leaf production unit in Aura Finland sold on the Auction of Rabin Worldwide.


From August 2012 to January 2013

Production support and dismantling of auction objects.